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Welcome to BPCPrograms!

Welcome to BPCPrograms! At the bottom of this page you will find the current list of BPC Team members.


Hello! I'm Munawar Bijani, the founder of BPCPrograms! Let me tell you how BPC came around to development.

Somewhere in May of 2001, I talked to one of my friends on an accessible chat program. He told me he had created a program that answers questions you ask it. I went to his site, and downloaded the program. He had also provided the source code with it.

Looking at the source (first running the program,) I put the pieces together; I now knew how to program in BASIC (although I didn't know the concept of string and numeric variables, and the main body of BASIC programming.)

This was my first experience in BASIC programming. As soon as I looked at my friend's source code, I wanted to make games, lots of games. This event is also the first time I experienced failure with computers; I created my first program called Site1.0. It was a very small program and wasn't worth anything. I tried to create Site and it failed the first time; not enough knowledge. Statements weren't doing what I expected them to do. I then did research. Locating and downloading a manual on BASIC programming got me started.

After reading the manual, I soon learned how to create a general Basic program. It was now about June 2001, so Summer Vacation was still around. I worked in the car, at night, at stores, and finally got my first program developed! The program is known as 'Site1.0.'

As I progressed in programming, I needed some beta testers. By this time I was uploading programs onto my website. The one and only beta tester I had was my good friend by the name of Angel Colon. When I created a program, I downloaded it into his Notetaker, and he gave me feedback on it.

As time went on, I started creating more and more programs, and uploading them. Soon I put my site address at the bottom of my signature.

I received an email from one of the people who had come across my site, telling me he knows how to modify my programs to run in DOS. I proudly gave him my source code, and he modified them. Soon, after I had updated my site, I uploaded all the modified games/programs on to my site, and announced the exciting news!

I then made Graham (the person who modified my games,) into one of my beta testers. A while back, another list member had submitted a program to me. Everything was now looking up!

Then finally I came home and sat down at my computer. I thought of a name I could name my page, instead of just 'Programs.' I sat there and thought... Wanting to be like the other companies out there, it took me a while. It has been my dream to host a company and the company's job being to develop programs which we may become famous for. I looked at the situation: I'm making programs, Angel Colon is my beta tester, and Graham Pearce is a beta tester and also converts programs to MS-DOS. That's how I got the name BPC: Bijani Pearce Colon Programs Software Division. BPC is now a team of over ten members, and started from one. I hope to keep BPC up and running forever!


BPCPrograms started out with its goal being to develop enjoyable games for the Freedom Scientific notetakers; however, due to lack of interest, it has moved to a new focus.

Our goal is to provide the VI community with high-quality, fast action, thrilling games. We focus primarily on durability, speed, and entertainment; we strive to bring to our customers excellent technical support and are open to any suggestions, comments, concerns, or criticism. Our motto is this: "It's your attitude not your aptitude which determines your altitude."

Current BPC Members

Note: When registering with BPC, members have an option to not display their Email addresses here; for this reason, some of the members' Email addresses will not be shown. This is the same for last names.

Roland Engelsma
Michael Lau
Lee Craig Davies
Trenton Matthews
Ryan Conroy
Lukas Hosnedl
Bobbi Anne
Shane Davidson
Philip Bennefall
Angel Colon
Stephen Clower
Jason White
Munawar Bijani: Administrator; Founder of BPCPrograms and program developer.
Graham Pearce: Co-administrator of BPCPrograms SD.
Jodie Riker

We hope you enjoy the programs BPC has developed!
With warm regards,
BPC founder and administrator on behalf of the BPC Team, Munawar Bijani


BPC will not be held libel for, and disclaims, all damages, whether financial, physical, or mental, caused by or arising out of the failure or functioning of the website, its usage, or its contents.

Copyright © 2002-2005 by Munawar Bijani and BPCPrograms SD.