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BPCPrograms SD Sales Policy

Before placing an order, it is highly recommended that customers read this policy as it defines the guidelines of orders sent to us electronically or by mail. By placing an order, you indicate that you agree to all terms set forth in this policy and that you will follow all guidelines and not hold BPC libel for any loss as defined here.

1. All orders should be sent as defined on the order page for the item being purchased. All information must be accurate and current in the event that BPCSD needs to contact the buyer to sort out discrepancies or distribute licenses. If an electronic mail address is not available, a phone number must be provided as an alternate means of contact. The buyer agrees that BPCSD will not be held libel for non-received items (registration licenses, hardware, Etc.) because the information provided with the order proved to be inaccurate. It is the duty of the buyer to provide accurate information and it will not be the duty of BPCSD to find the buyer in the event the information provided fails as a means of contact.

2. BPCSD will not be held libel for, and disclaims, all damages and losses of packages. These disputes should be handled by the buyer and with the postal service by which the package was sent.


BPC will not be held libel for, and disclaims, all damages, whether financial, physical, or mental, caused by or arising out of the failure or functioning of the website, its usage, or its contents.

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