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This page contains patches for our programs. Patches fix known bugs in the program for which the patch is designed. Unless explicitly noted, all patches install over a major installation of the game and there is no need to uninstall a game before installing the patch.

Treasure Hunt 4.25

This patch fixes a problem where Treasure Hunt would become unresponsive if a game was saved while the player was controlling a guard by way of the MCB and that game was later reloaded. The game would be unresponsive until the player toggles to a different weapon other than the MCB. This patch should be installed over Treasure Hunt 4.21 and it is not required that players have either 4.22, 4.23, or 4.24 before installing 4.25.
Treasure Hunt 4.25 Substitute Install (377KB) 02/27/05

Treasure Hunt 4.21

This version of Treasure Hunt introduces quicker loading times and enhanced stability: this was a problem in Treasure Hunt 4.01 and below and has been resolved in this version. This version can be installed over 4.20 and includes all the features introduced in 4.20.
A list of features and bug fixes can be found below:

  1. Two new weapons have been added. These include
  2. The guards may now open doors.
  3. The player can use his master key to lock and unlock doors.
  4. We have added various new sounds and TSS notifications.
  5. Guards may now move in any of the four cardinal directions: previously they would move along the Y-axis only, with the exception of the Impossible difficulty.
  6. The guards will remember the player if he runs and will search for him.
  7. The Audient now has "duel vision": an object will not block its view from seeing the other object relative to it.
  8. R now returns the player to his starting point.
  9. The player is notified by TSS when he enters the Supply, Weaponry, or Control Panel rooms.
  10. We have fixed many bugs in this release:
    1. A long-term bug which caused the player's health to not decrease while in the water has been corrected.
    2. Jackson is no longer called to assist in a battle.
    3. Fixed delay before "Save game" is announced in the main menu.
    4. Corrected fade-out of sounds.
    5. Duplicate door sounds are no longer heard when one closes a door on himself.
    6. Many old sounds which are no longer in use have been removed from the TH directory.
    7. Removed announcement of exit; this is not needed.
    8. Fixed shutdown crash if the user tries to exit a game before starting a new game for the first time.
    9. Fixed crash which would occur when a user loads a game and cancels the dialog in the main menu: this would cause the game to be at a stand still, and the guards would not move.
    10. The "ghost bug" has been fixed: if the player killed a guard using a remote controlled missile, the ghost of the guard would remain, causing a false alarm in the player's Audient.
    11. The file shield.wav is now included.
    12. The menu bars which would cause malfunctions in the game have been removed since the self-voicing menus have been added.
    13. Fixed caption of window.
    14. Fixed crash when a player loads a game from a slot to which the player has not saved yet.
    15. The game would crash if the machine goes off while the player is in the water.
    16. 4.21

    17. Fixed error 9 if player moves out of laboratory.
    18. Fixed crash if player is spotted by the camera.
    19. The player can now kill guards with the remote controlled missile launcher.
    20. Fixed occasional crack of speech.
    21. Fixed error nine when starting a new game after loss.
    22. Countdowns now work properly.
    23. Fixed several loading errors.
    24. The failure of the loading of a game is now properly reported.
    25. The number of guards on alert would drop below zero or give an inaccurate result when controlling masters with the MCB.
    26. The unlimited bullets cheat now works properly.
    27. Guards' footsteps were removed due to many reported crashes and hang-ups.
    28. The spot where a remote controlled missile was detonated no longer shows as a snake.
    29. Enhanced resource management system: TH should not suck up as many system resources as it did in 4.20.
    30. Fixed occasional error 91 when in battle.
    31. File npos6.wav is now included.
    32. File knob.wav is now included.
    33. Keystroke R now works properly.

Treasure Hunt 4.21 Substitute Install (10.5MB) 05/02/04

Tournament 5.00

In the patch for Tournament 5, we have fixed a memory leak; the game should now also run properly and users should not experience a SAPI or DirectX problem. It is strongly recommended for all users of Tournament 5 to download this patch.
Tournament 5.00 Patch (102KB) 11/10/03


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