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Three-D Velocity Now Supports Force Feedback


A new version of Three-D Velocity has been released! This version contains force feedback support, and a new mode. Autoplay Mode allows you to relax while you can listen to the computer playing a match for you. Autoplay is supported by Racing Mode and Death Match Mode.

Another mode is available in the mode selection. Mission Mode was previously locked, but has been unlocked in this version. Selecting Mission Mode will start an introduction to the game. The scene is about five minutes in length.

We have also adjusted landing to make it easier and more like a fighter jet. You are now able to land with a nose angle above negative thirty, and a higher speed than before.

Three-D Velocity is the first ever fully accessible combat flight simulator for blind and visually impaired people and has been under active development for two and a half years. We are aiming at an early to mid 2010 release of the game; however, this is a tentative date only. The game includes a storyline that builds off of Treasure Hunt. Details about the story will be released when the full version is available for download.

You can download a copy of Three-D Velocity by clicking "Downloads" in the navigation column at the left and then clicking "Game Download Area" on the next page.

Please completely uninstall earlier versions of Three-D Velocity before installing the new version. This includes getting rid of TDV settings files. Doing this will ensure that there are no conflicts with data from earlier versions.

Good luck flying!