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On this page you will find scripts which I have written intended for my personal use, but I feel I should share them with you.

What Are Scripts?

A script can either be a scripture, or a script. A scripture is what you read for plays, book clippings, etc. To script, by definition, means to write. So a script is a written piece of information. The scripts you will find here are those that you don't see in everyday life, unless you're using the JAWS screen reader and do some scripting yourself. These scripts are written pieces of information, but are not what a person would normally think of a "written piece of information." The scripts on this page are pieces of code which command the JAWS screen reader to behave in a satisfactory way. Why would we want to do that? Unfortunately, not all off-the-shelf products work in satisfaction for the blind user. Yes, JAWS may read everything, but sometimes we get picky and want only this part or that part read with a touch of a keystroke, instead of using our cursors to hunt for it and then pass it through JAWS. This is where scripts play a roll. With the JAWS screen reader having the ability to understand and work with scripts, its users can really push it... We have full control over our screen reader. If it doesn't read some aplications correctly, we script it. If we want a certain area on the screen read to us and have that feature available whenever we choose, we script it.


If you download any of these scripts, be warned that I have no knowing whether they will work or not. The important thing to always do, before downloading any scripts, is to back up your existing scripts. I am not responsible for any damage caused by these scripts whatsoever. Just remember to back up and we should be fine.

Scripts For GMud 32

GMud32 is a very popular mudding application. These scripts make it easier to play the supported MUDS, which are:

With these scripts, users can:
• Have all the exits in one list box (TFOS.)
• Choose between two actions taken when an exit is selected (TFOS.)
• Have all the contents in the room in a list box (TFOS.)
• Choose between two actions taken when an item is selected (TFOS.)
• Notify JFW whether the user is in a vehicle or not (used for exitsList and Contents (TFOS).)
• Hear the amount of experience points earned on their last kill with one keystroke (The Valhalla Mud Engine.)

NEW IN 3.5

  1. • Ability to save preferences.
  2. • Screen_Echo minor fix; JAWS should behave properly when accessing the Vertual Viewer.

Default Scripts Modification

The scripts which are constantly active no matter what application is running are the default set of scripts. I have modified these scripts and enhanced their functionality.
• JAWS now anounces the script name when keyboard help is turned on (this was a bug and is fixed.)
• JAWS anounces "Capslock on/off" or "Numlock on/off" regardless of keyboard echo.

Scripts for MailWasher

MailWasher is a popular application which allows a user to scan and preview their Email on their server before downloading it into their Email application. From this program-interface, users can bounce spam mail back to its source, delete strange messages which may possibly contain a virus, and more--before downloading it onto their hard-drive. Unfortunately, I made the mistake several times of marking a message for deletion and thought it was bouncing. I also found that there was no way JAWS could notify the user the mark status of a message without having to write at least six scripts for it. I have written these scripts, and their benefits are listed below:

  1. Jaws announces "delete" or "bounce" when a user arrows to a message, giving the user exact information on the marked status of a message.
  2. JAWS intercepts the D and B keys (Mark for deletion and mark for bouncing respectively,) and turns them into a marker on/off toggle.
  3. The user is able to search for the next message in the list which is marked for bounce or delete.

New in Rev#1.5

  1. Improved accuracy on marking for bounce/delete.
  2. Home and End now give feedback whereas pressing any of these keys used to cause JAWS to be silent; now, JAWS will notify the user of the marked status of the msg on which they land.
  3. Improved accuracy on msg status.
  4. Long/short msg settings in JCF now have effect on spoken material.
  5. Rewrote script for next bounce/delete msg to improve accuracy.
  6. Fixed occasional JAWS-hang when searching for next b/d msg.
  7. JAWS now searches to end of list whereas used to occasionally stop at 15-20 msgs away from end of list.
  8. User now receives feedback on search.
  9. User will not hear msgs as they are scrolled through to find next b/d msg.


Scripts for MailWasher 1.5
Compatibility: All versions of JFW, MailWasher version 2.x recommended.
Warning(s): When pressing the B key to mark the message for bouncing, the message will also be marked for deletion. Therefore, if you wish to bounce a message but wish to also download it, press B first to bounce it, then D to remove the delete marker. This issue is being considered. Also, MailWasher is not consistent in display. You may have to close and reopen MailWasher for JAWS to detect and read status information correctly. This is especially noticeable when several searches have been performed for next deleted or bounced messages.

Default set of scripts
Compatibility: JAWS 4.02 ONLY!
Warning(s): Do not download these scripts if you are running a version of JAWS other than 4.02. This includes JAWS 4.0, 4.01, and 4.5, as well as versions below 4.0. This is because these scripts are default scripts, and this set varies from version to version.
If you do choose to download these scripts, make sure that you back up your existing default set of scripts. I am expressing this strongly because it is the default set we're messing with, and one wrong key-press can cause JAWS to crash.

GMud32 scripts 3.5
Compatibility: JAWS 4.0 or higher
Warning(s): If running these scripts on a version below 4.0, the HotKeyHelp script (JAWSKey+H) will not function properly.