This page contains sites I have collected over time which are interesting. Links are also added when a user submits a form.
Please note that the newest links are at the top of this list.

Most or all of these sites listed fall out of the /mun0009/ directory on the anycities server. Therefore, we are not responsible for any harm caused by any software, content, wording, etc., whatsoever. Visit them under your own risk! You have been warned.

Type in an URL, and see what comes up! Try it on my site.
This link is on my page, because the webmaster took my survay, and also, its an awesome site.
This site is on here(Zachs_Domain,) because the webmaster took the survey.
This is an awesome site! Offers Blazie notetaker programs, links, and more! Also, this webmaster took my survay.
want to test your site for accessibility? click here.
this is my other brother's site.
this is the site to freedom scientific.
this is the official site to the rock.
This is an excellent html guide.
the site to games for blind computer users.
this is the official site to stone cold.
this is the video section of stone cold.
this is the site to where two teens mess with sounds.
this is the largest site To multimedia on Britney spears.
this is a site that has free audio books.
GMAGames, games made to be toatally accessible to blind/visually impaired individuals.

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