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Random verse from the Holy Quran: (We must remember that since the Quran was revealed to Mohommid (Allah's peace be apon him,) when Allah commands: "Say:" he is directing the Profit (Mohommid) to say the specified lines to the people (us.)
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Assisting Guests With Disabilities

Note: I did not write this, instead I got it from an email. I only converted it to HTML to post here.


· When approaching a guest with a disability, always be polite and introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is Bill and I’m a Seating Host here at SAFECO Field.” If they are visually impaired, offer your nametag and let them feel it.

· The adaptive aids of a disabled person (i.e.- wheelchair, dog, etc.) should never be touched without asking the guest first.

· When greeting a guest with a disability, talk directly to them, not to their companion or through a third person.

· Do not worry so much about saying the wrong thing that you end up saying nothing at all. Communicate in a natural, genuine manner.


Ask the guest “May I help you?” This lets the guest know that you are willing to assist if necessary, but it also indicates your confidence in his or her ability to function independently. Do not assume that the guest needs help. There is a fine line between trying to be helpful and inadvertently offending the guest.


· If you are asked to push the wheelchair for the guest, make sure the guest is ready before you start. Move the wheelchair in a slow and steady manner. Do not make abrupt turns or fast motions.

· Be careful of the footrest. Even when not extended it is still a protrusion on the chair that can be a hindrance to the movement of the guest.

· When helping the guest into an elevator, make sure that you always face the guest in the direction in which they will be exiting the car. At SAFECO Field, there are several elevators with doors that open on both sides at different levels. Make sure you know where the guest is going so you can place them in the proper position for exit.

Hearing Impaired

· If the guest is hearing impaired, show them the message (“May I Be of Some Assistance?”) in the back of your Team Member Handbook. Offer to communicate with pen and paper.

· If the guest lip-reads, be sure to face the guest and speak in a normal, unexaggerated manner. Simple, short sentences are best.

· If the guest uses sign language, contact your Team Captain who – with the help of Guest Services – will find one of our signing Team Members to help you communicate with the guest.

Visually Impaired

· If the guest is visually impaired and would like sighted guide assistance, offer your left forearm. Remember, it will always be your LEFT arm because you will always offer assistance on the right side of a visually impaired guest. (This is because they may have a service animal, and all animals are left-hand trained.) Allow the guest to take your arm, please do not grab theirs. It is important that you let the guest control his or her movements.

· While guiding the guest, be like Dave Niehaus or Rick Rizzs and “paint a picture” for them by describing the surroundings and the areas you are passing by. Always let them know when you are approaching stairs, whether you are going up or down, and which way you’ll be turning when you reach the landing. Be sure to stop at each landing and ask the guest if they are ready to continue. IMPORTANT – If the guest starts to fall on the stairs, do not try and stop or catch them. Stand still and they will do their best not to harm themselves. You can end up doing more harm than good by trying to stop the fall, and may end up injuring yourself and the guest.

Other Disabilities

There are many different kinds of disabilities. We are all aware of the ones that are visible, but there are also those which cannot be seen. These are called cognitive disabilities. NEVER QUESTION THE DISABILITY OF A GUEST. Offer them assistance just as you would any other disabled guest.

· If assisting the guest involves touching or getting into their personal belongings, call another Team Member over to assist you. They will be there as a witness in case the guest later makes a claim of harassment or a missing item.

This section compiled by George Basioli- SAFECO Field Team Captain.


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