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License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (EULA) governs your lawful rights to any software owned by BPCSD. This agreement is a complete agreement between you (the user) and The BPCPrograms Software Division (BPCSD.) It clearly defines the regulations by which you are obliged to comply, whether you are a registered user or are running a demonstration of any product for which this license applies. This license is in effect throughout the BPC industry; this includes, but is not limited to, www.bpcprograms.com and all associated components there under. Before installing, copying, distributing, or using a program from the BPC industry, you must thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Any violation of these terms and/or conditions will immediately void this agreement whereupon you will be required to destroy all products gained from BPCSD and their accompanying materials.


All products from BPCSD are copyrighted, whether this is explicitly noted or otherwise. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or distribute the product unless you have the necessary license expressly from BPCSD to do so. Demonstrations or free products may be distributed freely, as long as this full document is reproduced with the distribution. This document must accompany all products residing under BPCSD. If your copy of the product is not accompanied by this document, please contact BPCSD immediately.

No portion of any product governed by this license may be used in any other product except in that of BPCSD's without the permission of BPCSD. This includes, but is not limited to, music, character names, sounds, documents, and program cores.


You are free to distribute demonstrations, and free products, provided that this document accompanies all re-distributed products. As a licensed user, you are not granted rights to decompile this software. By obtaining a license, you should in no way assume your rights to the BPC private beta testing team.


BPCSD will not be held libel for any damage, whether physical, mental or financial, brought about by the use, installation, distribution, uninstallation of the product, or other contact with the product. If using a product, you agree that although all products are heavily tested before release, a chance is present for a system crash or other damages to your system, although this occurrence is extremely rare. BPCSD will further not be held libel for damages caused by the tampering with of the product, whether for malicious or beneficial purposes.


Because BPCSD provides demonstrations with all of its products which require registration, you will not be refunded your money for the claim that the product you ordered was not what you predicted. Furthermore, BPCSD will not refund money if a product proves useless after purchase. As thus, once the product is bought, it will not be refunded, with no exceptions.

Upgrades, Loss Of Registration Data.

As a registered user, you are entitled to free upgrades, whether major or minor. All upgrades to the product will be available from the BPCSD website for you to download.

BPCSD will provide you with another registration code if a crash of Windows or defect the like causes this data to be corrupt. Furthermore, if you wish to install the product on more than one computer provided that only you, as the licensee, will be using the product on the other machines, BPCSD will give you another code for that computer at no charge. If BPCSD finds that you present the incident of a lost registration but on the contrary you are inquiring in terms of a product ID for a non-registered user, this agreement will terminate and you will not be permitted to purchase or download further from the BPCSD website.


Any violation of the license agreement set forth herein will result in all agreements between the violator and BPCSD to be void. Because of this, the individual will be required to destroy all copies of any product on his or her computer, and the copies on the computers of those to whom the products were distributed by that individual, and associated components. This includes, but is not limited to, registration licenses if any, help documents, sounds, music, and program executables. Further action will be determined by the copyright holders (BPCSD) and the laws of the United States of America. The individual will further be restricted from purchasing any future products, or re-purchasing the specific product upon which the license was violated.


BPC will not be held libel for, and disclaims, all damages, whether financial, physical, or mental, caused by or arising out of the failure or functioning of the website, its usage, or its contents.

Copyright © 2002-2005 by Munawar Bijani and BPCPrograms SD.