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Execution Information

When a user downloads a program from BPC, they will find three files with their respective purposes as listed below:

  1. *.bas: This file should only be used if the user wishes to execute the program on a FreedomScientific Notetaker. This file is not intended for use with the Millennium series of notetakers; it is made solely for, and works best on, the legacy units (all units below the Millennium series.)
  2. *m.bas: This file should be executed only on the Millennium series of FreedomScientific Notetakers; it holds no sounds and/or bells allowing Millennium users to operate the game with no difficulties. Note: when running the games on a Millennium notetaker, users may experience slower game play compared to a legacy unit. This problem, as far as we know, is irresolvable.
  3. *w.bas: This file should be executed only under MS-DOS mode or using a Windows BASIC interpreter. This file is in no way intended for the FreedomScientific Notetakers; it is for MS-DOS only. If executed on an FSNotetaker, the program will not run flawlessly and game play may be merely impossible.

If only one file exists in the package, this file it executable on all systems. Likewise, if two files exist (I.E., *.bas and *w.bas,) the *.bas file is executable on both a legacy unit and the M20/40 units.

Running the games on a FreedomScientific Notetaker

In order to run the programs on a FreedomScientific Notetaker, you must have the Run.bns utility installed.
Download the run.bns utility now!

Unzip the 'run.zip' file, and download the run.bns utility in to your unit. Once downloaded, you are ready to run a program!

To run one of the basic programs, download the appropriate zip file. Unzip it, and download the *.bas file without the 'W' initial at the end. The 'W' version is for MS-DOS.

Once downloaded, start the run.bns utility. You will be prompted for the program to 'run.' Here, type the name of the *.bas file you just downloaded, with or without the .bas extension, and press E-chord/enter.


If you want to run the program trivia.bas, you first download it into your notetaker. Then start run.bns. After it asks you for the program name, type trivia or trivia.bas, and press e chord/enter.

Important Notes

Since the following sections refer to running the programs in MS-DOS, you will need the 'W' version of the programs. These are the programs in the zipped folder which have a W after the name.

Screen reader users, you may need to use your mouse cursor keys to review the Gwbasic screen. You can turn on 'Say All' in your screen reader, however it's not recommended

Running the games in MS-DOS

If you have MS-DOS on your system, you can play/run the programs from BPC very easily *if you know what you're doing!*

In order to run the games on a PC, you must have the GWBasic interpreter.
Download the GWBasic interpreter now!
Unzip gwbasic.zip onto a folder on your local hard-disk. You should now have a path similar to the following: 'C:\gwbasic\gwbasic.exe.'

There are now two ways you can run the *.bas programs.

Specifying a new file type in order to have the programs run automatically

If you are not comfortable with making file changes, please skip this section.

You can set up your system so that every time you click on a *.bas file, GWBasic will interpret it automatically without having you activate GWBasic first and instructing it to do so. To do this, locate a *.bas file (if you don't have one on your system already, simply download a program from BPC.) Activate the *.bas file. You should be presented with the 'Open with' dialog.
Click the 'Other' button, and locate gwbasic.exe.
Click 'Open.'
Check the box that reads, 'Always open this file with this program' or something like that..
Once you have done this, clicking a *.bas file will automatically launch GWBasic.

Running BASIC programs through GWBasic manually

To run the programs through GWBasic, and not messing with the filetype specifications, do the following:
Locate and activate gwbasic.exe.
Run 'xxx'
Where xxx is the path to the *.bas file. GWBasic should interpret and execute the file's content.


If you wish to execute the Tournament game, first download the appropriate file (when this document was written, the filename was tn206.zip.) Unzip the file and activate gwbasic.exe. Assuming you unzipped the file to a folder called tn206 on your 'C:\' drive, you should have an existing path which reads: 'C: n206 oun206w.bas'. Next, locate and activate gwbasic.exe, and type the following command: run 'C: n206 oun206w.bas'.

Gwbasic Recommended Settings

Below are the *recommended* settings for Gwbasic.

Find the gwbasic.exe file with windows explorer or any other file manager, and press alt enter to go into the properties dialogue.

In this dialog, click the 'Screen' tab. In this Property sheet, move to the prompt which reads, 'Initial size.' This option should be set to '50 lines.' Also on the screen tab, uncheck the box that says 'display toolbar'. You should also change the run edit combo box to maximized in the program tab, and uncheck the display toolbar check box in the misc tab. Now hit the ok button and you should be ready to go!
If you use JFW 3.31 or higher, go into the default script file, search for 'c-style' in the script manager find dialogue, and remove the lines that just have */ and /* on them. This will make it so you don't have to access say all when in a DOS window.


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