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Welcome to the BPCPrograms Software Division!

Welcome to BPCPrograms SD., an organization dedicated to developing games for everyone! Click here to find out more!
If you are looking for the programs BPC currently serves, check out our Program Download Area.
For technical assistance or to send feedback to BPCPrograms, click here.

If you've always wanted to learn BASIC, but didn't know where to get a manual, read Munawar's BASIC manual 4.50 now!

BPCPrograms also hosts an Email list for players of its games to share ideas, tips, tricks, spoilers, or anything else to do with the games, development, Etc. Subscribe now and get a chance to meet lots of great people, including the staff itself!


BPCPrograms SD. would like to acknowledge Graham Pearce for his dedication to the company. Pearce has converted all the programs in the industry to work in MS-DOS mode using GWBasic or another BASIC interpreter. He is 15-years-old and you may, if you please, visit his site by clicking here. In addition, Pearce is the co-administrator of BPCPrograms and is one of the most active members we've had so far!

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